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NSK products are manufactured in Japan and are restored to factory standards in North America.

Dedicated to factory certified technical service for all NSK product

NSK Tech offers factory certified technical servicing for all NSK products, including: NSK handpieces, NSK micromotors and NSK piezo electric ultrasonic scalers. The NSK Tech services are available to all Dental Practices and Laboratories throughout North America.

Our highly trained NSK Technicians have gone through extensive training and certification to restore NSK products to their original performance specifications. We use NSK factory diagnostic equipment to accurately and quickly diagnose problems, and then bring them back to NSK standards. Only genuine NSK parts are used to restore the products to our high standards of performance.


NSK precision down to the micron

All standards are not the same. That is why you should trust only qualified NSK Technicians who use specialized diagnostic equipment, service tools and NSK parts to restore NSK products back to their original performance specifications.

The future reliability and durability is guaranteed by sending your NSK products to NSK Tech servicing.

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